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Why 2016 was the hottest year ever?

If you wonder logically, you are doing science

November 20th, 2016

We all wonder as we wander. We all have a natural curiosity about what exists, how we can best interact with it, and what the future might bring. We wonder how we and our loved ones can best survive, can best be successful, can best be happy, and can best be prepared for tomorrow. When […]

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Do Greenhouse Gases Actually Warm Earth? Prove it!

November 8th, 2016

As representatives from 195 countries convene in Marrakesh Morocco this week to determine what action to take to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions, they should be asking “Where’s the proof?” Greenhouse-warming theory has never been proven experimentally. No one has ever demonstrated in an experiment that increasing concentrations of carbon dioxide actually cause air to get significantly […]

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Excellent mathematics but poor physics

November 1st, 2016

Physics is the study of nature, how matter moves and behaves through space and time. Mathematics, on the other hand, is logical deductive reasoning based on initial assumptions. Good mathematics is required to do excellent physics, but good physics is not required to do excellent mathematics. Excellent mathematics can be built on assumptions that may […]

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Politics needs consensus, science needs debate

October 24th, 2016

In 1988, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) was created under the United Nations to demonstrate “scientific consensus” on greenhouse-warming theory so that political leaders would agree to take the expensive actions necessary to reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Twenty-seven years later, this strategy led successfully to the Paris Agreement on December 12, 2015, when representatives […]

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